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West Cemetery Creek Bridge Replacement
Location: Bellingham, Washington | Owner: City of Bellingham Parks Department

Impact Design provided civil and environmental engineering for a pedestrian bridge replacement project for the City of Bellingham Parks and Recreation Department. The project included removal of existing abutments, adding new concrete foundations, and installation of a new aluminum bridge for a 70-ft span. The project required a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP), a Joint Aquatic Resource Permit Application (JARPA) as well as full project construction drawings and specifications. Construction was completed in Spring of 2022.
Parkview West Senior Housing Expansion
Location: Lynden, Washington | Owner: Hollander Investments

Impact Design served as project manager to coordinate the permitting, civil engineering and stormwater system design of a 42 unit senior housing apartment building expansion for the Parkview West Apartments in Lynden, WA. Impact Design presented the proposal to the Lynden City Planning Commission and Lynden City Council. The project is currently under construction. 
CALBAL Building Expansion 
Location: Ferndale, Washington | Owner: Carl's Mower and Saw

Impact Design provided civil engineering and landscape architectural design on a new showroom & maintenance facility in Ferndale, WA.  This new 12,000 sf steel building along with four other storage buildings were constructed on a 3 acres development and contained parking improvements, utility connections and an underground stormwater detention pump system to meet stormwater detention and treatment requirements. Construction was completed Summer of 2022.
Grandview Industrial Park Culvert Replacement
Location: Ferndale, Washington | Owner: Grandview Industrial Park

Impact Design provided civil engineering and fish passage permitting support for a 80 foot length, 142 inch width metal culvert replacement on Salashan Loop of the Grandview Industrial Park. This project required coordination with Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife, Whatcom County Planning and Development Services and other stakeholders. Construction was completed in Summer of 2022.
Sudden Valley Existing Culvert 315.jpg
The Impact Design and NW Fish Passage Team provided project management, civil engineering design, hydraulic analysis, and permitting support for the construction of six failing culverts for the Sudden Valley Community Association. Two of the culverts were held to Fish Passage Standards by the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife and required Army Corps of Engineers JARPA permit and Hydraulic Project Approval. Our team prepared and submitted all permits including local Land Disturbance Permitting with Whatcom County. The project was supported by The Nooksack Salmon Enhancement Association (Contact Darrell Grey). The two fish passage culverts were permitted as concrete box culverts and additional open channel habitat. Other culverts were replaced with HDPE piping.
Sudden Valley Culvert Replacements (2020-2021)
Location: Bellingham, Washington | Owner: Sudden Valley Community Association

Temporary Stream Diversion for E Smith Rd Pavement Rehabilitation Project
Location: Bellingham, Washington | Owner: Granite Construction

The NW Fish Passage and Impact Design Team prepared a temporary stream diversion plan for the E. Smith Rd Pavement Rehabilitation Project. Our team prepared and provided a technical review for a Stream Diversion Plan for Granite on a very short timeline. The NW Fish Passage Team completed an analysis of flow through the proposed pipe and informed Granite on minimum pipe size. Construction was completed Summer of 2021.
Zell Road Sand Mine Reclamation Permitting
Location: Ferndale, Washington | Owner: Western Refinery Services

Impact Design served as project manager and prepared the appropriate documents required for application to the Department of Natural Resources for the reclamation of the Zell Road Sand Mine. The project resulting in permitting of over 300,00 cubic yards of import soils to a historic unreclaimed sand mine. This required the SEPA permit process, SM-1, SM-6. SM-8 and SM-10 DBR forms, project narrative and reclamation plans to be created by Impact Design. DNR approved the permit in the Summer of 2020 and import will continue for many years.
Salashan Loop Emergency Culvert Replacement
Location: Ferndale, Washington | Owner: Grandview Industrial Park

Salashan Loop Culvert Replacement 2.JPG
Impact Design served as project manager to provide emergency assistance to the Grandview Industrial Park to replace a failing culvert during a flood event in the winter of 2020. Within two weeks, Impact Design had submitted the required engineering plans, calculations and permits to WSDOT and received a permit to replace the failing permit. Impact Design worked with Stormwater Solutions NW ( to ensure that no property damage was done to the nearby Kona Bike warehouse. 
North Lake Samish Residence
Location: Bellingham, Washington 

Impact Design provided the civil engineering and stormwater system design of a single family residence on the shores of Lake Samish including support for a shorelines permit and land disturbance permit with Whatcom County Planning and Development. Construction was completed in 2021.
Impact Design provided the required stormwater design documents to permit an addition on an existing residence in the Lake Whatcom Watershed. This included a Stormwater Site Plan, Temporary Erosion and Sedimentation Control Plan and Stormwater Permitting with the City of Bellingham. The stringent requirements of the Lake Whatcom Watershed were met on this plan. Construction of the addition was completed in Summer of 2020.
Academy Street Residence
Location: Bellingham, Washington 

Impact Design provided the required civil engineering and stormwater design plans, specifications and report to permit a condominium development on Front Street in Lynden, WA. This project required the coordination with the City of Lynden and a third party engineering review firm to complete the requirements of the City and the Washington State Department of Ecology. The project is currently under construction.
Front Street Condominiums 
Location: Lynden, Washington 

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